Advertising and Brand Responsibility Master's Program News

SOJC Professor of Practice David Ewald got help from his ad students to design the Hostage and Wrongful Detainee flag, giving them experience with advocacy advertising.
Christopher Chávez, director of the Advertising and Brand Responsibility Master’s program, explains how negative political advertisements impact the America people in this KCBS Radio interview.
New advertising and design instructor Kym Rohman brings her creative perspective as well as years of experience designing for large and small companies, agencies and nonprofits to her SOJC classes.
The SOJC’s advertising programs prepare students to think broadly about both the effectiveness and the impacts of advertising while helping them create a career that makes a difference.
Leah Torrez’s master’s in advertising and brand responsibility capstone project is a culmination of her experience as a cutting-edge designer and person of color.
In her advertising and brand responsibility capstone video, filmmaker Kyla Morris ’23 tells the story of Mavis Amanor, a sports reporter blazing trails for Ghanaian women.
The double Duck found learning the brand responsibility approach to advertising and building the confidence to articulate big issues has given him a distinctive advantage in his career.
Our 2022 Yearbook spotlights our many successes this year, from students’ hands-on learning projects, to groundbreaking faculty research and staff service awards, to inspiring tales of alumni adventures.
Students impact the lives of Ukrainians through creative collaboration with nonprofits like Rescue Now, an organization dedicated to helping elders evacuate war-torn areas.