Faculty News

Danny Pimentel, SOJC’s assistant professor of immersive media psychology, wrote in Bloomberg’s Mint Lounge about how product returns can be reduced in online shopping with virtual try-ons.
Whitney Phillips, SOJC’s professor of digital platforms and ethics, explains the impact having instant access to horrific images and circumstances from the Israel-Hamas wars has on people.
Regina Lawrence, who is also research director for the Agora Research Center, participated on a panel of experts addressing a study by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Washington.
Assistant Professor Diego Cortés, from Colombia, is working to shift student focus from a broad international perspective to an interconnected global perspective, especially around religion.
Nicole Dahmen has been a longtime professor in the SOJC and is now bringing her passion for research and journalism to the Clark Honors College as a new member of the core faculty.
Attila Schillinger is the newly hired director of the University of Oregon’s Strategic Communication Master’s program.
Journalism Instructor Charlie Deitz started at the SOJC in winter 2023. While he never intended to be a journalist or professor, he discovered audio journalism and changed course.
Professor and Emeritus Knight Chair in Communication Research Janet Wasko has focused some of her research on Disney and how it infiltrates our politics, economy and culture on a deeper level.
Social media and streaming platforms bring fame outside the traditional trajectory of a Hollywood fairytale. SOJC game studies professor, Maxwell Foxman, contributes to the story.
A group of journalism scholars, including Professor Seth Lewis, examined the low levels of public trust in U.S. institutions, such a journalism and academics, and offer an explanation in NiemanLab.