#LifeasaJStudent Blog

SOJC students showcase what it's like to be a student with personal stories about their experiential learning adventures in their own words, photos, and videos.

SOJC PR graduate Ella Norton explains why hands-on experience, networking and alumni connections are so important.
Before meeting with potential employers on an SOJC college professional development trip, memorize these nine networking tips to get the most out of the experience and land your post-grad dream job.
SOJC journalism student Julia Boboc shares the skills she learned reporting on immigrants for a school project. Read her tips on interviewing, confidence-building, and telling a compelling story.
For a class project, a UO Media Studies major created a game to give players an introduction to faculty and staff and build community within the program.
Flexibility and proximity to the mountains allowed this SOJC journalism major to snowboard on weekends while hitting the books during the week.
SOJC PR major Ella Norton says her PR Campaigns class gave her the chance to work on a real campaign, which bolstered her portfolio and introduced her to PR professionals.
Advertising student Sophie Fowler reveals how she landed her GoDucks sports communication internship and how she helps produce the board shows, broadcasts and livestreams for UO Athletics games.
In spring 2023, members of the Multimedia Journalism Master’s program produced a documentary related to the racist history in Portland, Oregon, that dates back to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
The UO School of Journalism and Communication has an incredible network of alumni ready to support one another, as public relations major Bella Macleod discovered in her search for internships.
As a journalism major in the UO School of Journalism and Communication, Jane Glazer ’24 expected to be a reporter. But the multimedia journalism graduate program showed her a different career path.