Student Advising

Need some guidance? Our academic advisors are here for you. Whether you’re a prospective student, an enrolled undergrad, or a graduate student, our staff and faculty advisors are on hand to help you find the academic path that will take you where you want to go.

Undergraduate Advising at the Student Success Center

The SOJC Student Success Center is every undergrad’s one-stop shop for academic advice and career-building tips. Drop in to our offices on the ground floor of Allen Hall, or make an appointment to get on track to meet your goals. All undergraduate SOJC students are welcome—even if you haven’t enrolled yet.

Find Us: 134 Allen Hall
Call Us: 541-346-2884
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Graduate Advising & Services

Have questions? Reach out to the program director or Amy Boutell, director of graduate affairs and student experience.

Find Us: 134 Allen Hall G/H
Call Us: 541-346-3394
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Graduate Advising