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Immersive Media Communication Master’s faculty answer questions about our new online program, from the logistics of taking virtual classes to the jobs you can get with this one-of-a-kind degree.
Immersive Media Communication Master’s director Donna Davis explains why PR professionals should understand tools like augmented and virtual reality and how they can use them in their work.
The SOJC’s Agora Journalism Center found that not all local news outlets are producing local news. Center director Andrew DeVigal explains how civic organizations fill the gaps in this Axios article.
The UO School of Journalism and Communication’s journalism program is evolving at its fastest pace ever to prepare students for a field that’s going through big changes.
Regina Lawrence, who is also research director for the Agora Research Center, participated on a panel of experts addressing a study by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Washington.
In spring 2023, members of the Multimedia Journalism Master’s program produced a documentary related to the racist history in Portland, Oregon, that dates back to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Attila Schillinger is the newly hired director of the University of Oregon’s Strategic Communication Master’s program.
By building on the strategic communication skills she gained at the SOJC, Meredith Floyd-Preston laid the foundation for a cutting-edge architectural firm’s growth goals.
Jake Savelich’s Strategic Communication Master’s capstone project explores the confluence of an environmental crisis, the nature of empathy and VR technology.
As a journalism major in the UO School of Journalism and Communication, Jane Glazer ’24 expected to be a reporter. But the multimedia journalism graduate program showed her a different career path.