SOJC Leadership

Juan-Carlos Molleda

Edwin L. Artzt Dean and Professor
Phone: 541-346-3602
Office: 217A Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Leslie Steeves

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor
Affiliated Departments: African Studies, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-3751
Office: 209 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Deb Morrison

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Phone: 541-346-1797
Office: 215 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Regina Lawrence

Associate Dean, SOJC Portland
Research Director, Agora Journalism Center
Phone: 503-412-3659
Office: 341 White Stag Building
City: Portland
Research Interests: journalism norms and practices, political communication, engaged journalism, civic engagement

Adee Shekar

Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations
Phone: 541-346-3806
Office: 216C Allen Hall
City: Eugene

John McGrath

Director of Development
Phone: 503-412-3726
Office: 320 White Stag Bldg.
City: Portland

Dave Koranda

Professor of Practice Emerit
Interim Director, Advertising Program
Phone: 541-346-3754
Office: 238 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Seth Lewis

Professor and Shirley Papé Chair in Emerging Media
Director, Journalism Program
Phone: 541-346-7342
Office: 231 Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: digital journalism, journalism studies, emerging media, algorithms, artificial intelligence, media sociology, media work, social media, communication research

Gretchen Soderlund

Associate Professor of Media History
Director, Media Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-8922
Office: 309A Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Dean Mundy

Associate Professor
Director, Public Relations Program
Phone: 541-346-2079
Office: 232 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Christopher Chávez

Carolyn Silva Chambers Distinguished Professor of Advertising
Interim Director, Advertising and Brand Responsibility Program; Director, Center for Latina/o and Latin American Studies
Affiliated Departments: IRES, Latinx
Phone: 541-346-9141
Office: 207 Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Advertising, TV Commercials, Communication Theory, Persuasive Communication, Cultural Studies, Gender and Race In Media, Media and Diversity, Popular Culture, Media Studies and Globalization

Julianne Newton

Director, Communication and Media Studies Master's and PhD Programs
Phone: 541-346-2167
Office: 206 Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: visual ethics, journalism, visual journalism, visual behavior, cognitive theory

Donna Davis

Associate Professor
Director, Immersive Media Communication Master’s Program & Oregon Reality (OR) Lab
Phone: 503-412-3658
Office: 405 OR Lab, White Stag Building
City: Portland
Research Interests: virtual worlds, identity, avatars, metaverse, digital ethics

Will Yurman

Instructor of Journalism
Interim Director, Journalism Master's Program
Phone: 541-346-3754
Office: 310 Allen Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Documentary, photojournalism, narrative storytelling

Wes Pope

Associate Professor
Director, Multimedia Journalism Master’s Program
Phone: 503-412-3759
Office: 366F White Stag Building
City: Portland

Attila Schillinger

Professor of Practice
Director, Strategic Communication Master’s Program
Phone: 541-346-3511
Office: 325 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Andra Brichacek Roe

Director of Communication
Phone: 541-346-5977
Office: 1715 Franklin Blvd., Rm 121
City: Eugene