SOJC Mission, Vision, and Values

a student walks near the south side of Allen Hall
SOJC Mission, Vision, and Values
a student walks near the south side of Allen Hall

SOJC Mission, Vision, and Values

In the SOJC 2021–24 Strategic Plan, approved March 2021, faculty and staff approved an updated mission as well as a new three-year vision and community values.

SOJC Mission

The UO School of Journalism and Communication is a community dedicated to excellence in learning, research, and creative projects. We are scholars, professionals, and students studying issues that champion freedom of expression, dialogue, and democracy in service to current and future generations.

While our Pacific Northwest home inspires our explorations of media, technology, and the human condition, our work at the undergraduate and graduate levels has global impact—researching, advocating for, and reporting on critical issues such as diversity and equity, the environment, and social and economic justice. Along the way, we facilitate relationships across media professions that promote public advocacy, social responsibility, transparency, and civic engagement.

By integrating theory and practice, we advance communication and media scholarship and prepare students to become professional storytellers, critical thinkers, thought leaders, and responsible citizens in a global society.

Come to Oregon; change the world.

SOJC Three-Year Vision

The UO School of Journalism and Communication excels as a professional and research program for forward-thinking, equity-minded, and diverse students who hone the skill sets necessary to succeed in our increasingly interconnected and multicultural democracy.

SOJC faculty and students advance knowledge through critical thinking and experiential learning. We inspire action for the public good by creating ethical, innovative, and effective stories and strategies.

We teach and mentor resilient, adaptable, and skilled future professionals and scholars who will shape media and creative industries and academia through cutting-edge knowledge and practice.

We seek to strengthen our connections with the people and professions that inspire our students to do ground-breaking work in the fields of advertising, journalism, media studies, and public relations.

SOJC Values

We commit to addressing systemic and historical inequities that have adversely affected people from underrepresented communities and to creating a welcoming and inclusive educational and work environment where diversity is honored and celebrated.

We embrace our responsibility to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and resilience in the education of future scholars and professionals. These qualities will help prepare our graduates to contribute evidence-based innovations, thought leadership, engaging storytelling, and research to the media and communication fields while finding meaningful solutions to local, national, and global challenges.

We are dedicated to truth, accuracy, and the foundations of our fields, and we commit to teaching, research, creative work, and professional outreach that furthers the greater good through ethics, innovation, and intentional action.

We are transparent and equitable, and we act with integrity in our professional and research practices, administration, and governance.

We build internal community by creating rich experiences for our students, staff, and faculty while elevating the voices of underserved groups.

We work to strengthen society and communities; build trust; advance media, science, and data literacy; and facilitate public debate and engagement.

We provide students with the transferable skill sets necessary to gain employment and succeed in their chosen endeavors.