Advertising and Brand Responsibility Master’s Program Courses

During this one-year program, you’ll examine the theory and practice of persuasive communication, brand responsibility, brand management, creative, and account planning. And you’ll round out your coursework with a professional project that showcases what you’ve learned over the year. See the courses you’ll be taking with your cohort below.

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J510 Ideasmithing (4 credits)
Learn tools and techniques for generating exceptional ideas by understanding consumer behaviors. This is primarily a skill-building class.

J510 Interactive Media (4 credits)
Explore the range of the digital channels available to persuasive communicators.

J512 Strategic Social Media (4 credits)
Get an overview of the history, theory, and practice of social media.

J557 Curiosity for Strategists (4 credits)
Build intellectual curiosity as a problem-solving technique within the context of culture and media. This class is a mix of theory and skill building, with an emphasis is on critical thinking, readings, projects, and performance.

J560 Advertising and Culture (4 credits)
Critically examine the intersection of advertising and culture in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity. This class is a mix of theory and skill building.

J560 Green Brand Strategy (4 credits)
Get an introduction to sustainable brands, services, and messages. Find out how brands can help change consumer attitudes and behaviors toward the environment. This class is a mix of theory and skill building.

J560 Writing Design Concepts (4 credits)
Develop conceptual problem-solving skills for traditional and emerging media. This is primarily a skill-building class, with an emphasis on conceptual development, advertising writing, design, campaigns, and presentation of developed work.

J560 Essentials of Brand Planning (4 credits)
Learn the basics of account planning and the role it plays in creating brand campaigns. This is primarily a skill-building class.

J594 Strategic Communication Research (4 credits)
Learn how and why public relations and advertising professionals conduct research, and how they use it to formulate strategic campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness. This class is a mix of theory and skill building.

J607 Brand Responsibility Seminar (12 credits total/4 credits each term)
Do a deep dive into brand responsibility while tying together all previous coursework under the brand responsibility framework. Here’s what you’ll learn in each term:

  • Fall seminar: Define brand responsibility: what it is, how it differs from and complements corporate social responsibility, how brands identify their responsibility, and how they communicate this responsibility to consumers.
  • Winter seminar: Examine case studies in brand responsibility, drawing from cases developed by SOJC faculty and students or published by Harvard Business School. Work with outside professionals to identify best practices in brand responsibility.
  • Spring seminar: Develop brand responsibility while creating your own campaigns.

J609 Terminal Project (6–9 credits)
There are many ways to approach this capstone project. You could get an internship with a brand responsibility component. You could create a strategic brand responsibility advertising campaign, present a case study of a brand that successfully implemented a brand responsibility campaign, or conduct a comparative analysis of how different brands express the same responsible aspect, like diversity.

J611 Mass Communication & Society (4 credits)
All SOJC master’s students take this course, which reviews the literature of mass communication and offers an introduction to graduate study in journalism and communication.


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