Advertising and Brand Responsibility Master’s Program Degree Requirements

Ready to become a master in advertising and brand responsibility? Here are the courses you’ll need to take and the requirements to complete the degree. To see what order most students take the courses, see the Sample Schedules page.

Minimum Requirements 

To graduate from the Advertising and Brand Responsibility program, you’ll need:

total graduate credit
(500- or 600-level)
elective credits
cumulative UO gpa

Core Courses—All Students Complete

Everyone in your cohort will take 46 credits during this one-year program. Take a look at a sample schedule to see when most students take each course.

Code Title Credits
J611 Mass Communication and Society 4
J557 Curiosity for Strategists 4
J560 Design, Technology, and Culture 4
J594 Strategic Communication Research 4
J607 Brand Responsibility Seminar 4

Terminal Project—All Students Complete 

Your terminal project is where you get to put all you’ve learned during the year into action. You’ll need to register for at least 6 credits of J609 and get your faculty advisor’s approval. There are many ways to approach this capstone project, and the Program Director will share past projects so you can get an idea of the expectations.

Electives—Complete 12+ Credits

To complete your degree, you’ll need to choose at least three graduate-level electives from the SOJC’s curriculum, which can include classes in the Strategic Communication Master's program in Portland.

Here are some sample elective courses you might choose from:

Code Title Credits
J510 Interactive Media  4
J510 Ideasmithing 4
J512 Strategic Social Media  4
J560 Green Brand Strategy  4
J560 Writing Design Concepts  4
J560 Essentials of Brand Planning  4


Need some guidance? Here are a few options:

  1. Download our graduate handbook for more details about program requirements and resources.
  2. Contact our graduate recruiter with questions about the program, the application process, and admission.