News from the School of Journalism and Communication

Find out what SOJC students, faculty, and alumni are up to on campus, on the national stage, and beyond.

The SOJC’s advertising programs prepare students to think broadly about both the effectiveness and the impacts of advertising while helping them create a career that makes a difference.
The UO School of Journalism and Communication’s journalism program is evolving at its fastest pace ever to prepare students for a field that’s going through big changes.
With classes centered on communication fundamentals, group work, real-world client partnerships, emerging technologies and mentorship, PR faculty prepare students to work in an ever-changing field.
Undergraduates majoring in media studies learn how to examine the media’s social, cultural and economic impact from an ethical perspective while gaining research and media production skills.
Danny Pimentel, SOJC’s assistant professor of immersive media psychology, wrote in Bloomberg’s Mint Lounge about how product returns can be reduced in online shopping with virtual try-ons.
Whitney Phillips, SOJC’s professor of digital platforms and ethics, explains the impact having instant access to horrific images and circumstances from the Israel-Hamas wars has on people.
Prior to moving to Eugene to join the doctoral program at the UO School of Journalism and Communication, Teddy Workneh had no knowledge of Oregon and hardly any about the United States, but he was passionate about the research opportunity.
Assistant Professor Diego Cortés, from Colombia, is working to shift student focus from a broad international perspective to an interconnected global perspective, especially around religion.
In spring 2023, members of the Multimedia Journalism Master’s program produced a documentary related to the racist history in Portland, Oregon, that dates back to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
The UO School of Journalism and Communication has an incredible network of alumni ready to support one another, as public relations major Bella Macleod discovered in her search for internships.