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Find out what SOJC students, faculty, and alumni are up to on campus, on the national stage, and beyond.

Rising is a UO organization that aims to get students to take small steps to mitigate climate change through clear science communication.
After an embezzlement forced the alternative paper Eugene Weekly to cease publication, the SOJC's Catalyst Journalism Project sent 10 student reporters to help cover the news.
Sarah Mensah '87, an SOJC alum, was the first Black woman to become chief operating officer of an NBA team. Now she leads Nike's Jordan Brand.
Sravya Tadepalli '19, who is keenly aware of the unequal attention some artists get, focuses her journalism on reflecting “the lived experiences of people most impacted by injustice.”
Damian Radcliffe, SOJC professor of practice, says posting content on LinkedIn is a great way for media companies to expand their audience.
Alex Horwitch ’12 credits a UO social media class for a string of events that led to a viral video, a stint on “The Voice,” and jobs for Disney, MLB and DreamWorks.
Flexibility and proximity to the mountains allowed this SOJC journalism major to snowboard on weekends while hitting the books during the week.
Three Clark Honors College graduates from SOJC's class of 2018 say their theses helped them launch successful careers in the advertising industry.
Public health agencies often don't warn people about smoky air until it has already swept in, according to a study by researchers from the SOJC published in the journal BMC Public Health.
Social media can improve people’s ability to identify early warning signs of melanoma, according to a new study by SOJC researchers and colleagues.