Advertising Program News

Three Clark Honors College graduates from SOJC's class of 2018 say their theses helped them launch successful careers in the advertising industry.
SOJC Professor of Practice David Ewald got help from his ad students to design the Hostage and Wrongful Detainee flag, giving them experience with advocacy advertising.
Christopher Chávez, director of the Advertising and Brand Responsibility Master’s program, explains how negative political advertisements impact the America people in this KCBS Radio interview.
Kaitlyn Bullentini was a first-year advertising and public relations major when she contacted a woman from a fledgling cosmetic company about an internship. It led to a coveted beauty industry job.
New advertising and design instructor Kym Rohman brings her creative perspective as well as years of experience designing for large and small companies, agencies and nonprofits to her SOJC classes.
The SOJC’s advertising programs prepare students to think broadly about both the effectiveness and the impacts of advertising while helping them create a career that makes a difference.
Nicole Alstrin, who is studying advertising and sustainable business, embarked on a transformative journey during her 2023 summer break in the United Kingdom through Global Education Oregon.
When Jacob Espinoza graduated from the SOJC with an advertising degree, he didn’t take the typical post-graduation route, but said it helped him find something unexpected he loves to do.
The bachelor’s degree in advertising at the SOJC is built on the innovative Creative Strategist Model, emphasizing collaboration, flexibility, confidence and brave thinking for a changing world.
As part of an interview series with 100 creative directors, Mehringer talks about his creative process along with some specific challenges of making great work for others.