Strategic Communication Master's Program News

Tiara Darnell ’18, a double-alum of the SOJC’s Multimedia Journalism and Strategic Communication master’s programs, opened Blaxicocina, the only soul food restaurant in Mexico City.
SOJC faculty members Seth Lewis, Ed Madison, Donna Davis, and Lisa Peyton are using AI in their work, researching its impact on the field, and teaching students how to use it to prepare for the future.
Through the Strategic Communication Master’s program, Natalia Orozco ’21 upped her strategy game and made a contact that helped her land her dream job as a director at Spitfire Strategies.
Strategic Communication Master’s student Collin Pullum’s capstone project is a communication plan detailing immersive experiences that ethically consider the backgrounds of marginalized populations.
With classes centered on communication fundamentals, group work, real-world client partnerships, emerging technologies and mentorship, PR faculty prepare students to work in an ever-changing field.
Attila Schillinger is the newly hired director of the University of Oregon’s Strategic Communication Master’s program.
By building on the strategic communication skills she gained at the SOJC, Meredith Floyd-Preston laid the foundation for a cutting-edge architectural firm’s growth goals.
Jake Savelich’s Strategic Communication Master’s capstone project explores the confluence of an environmental crisis, the nature of empathy and VR technology.
Attila Schillinger, originally from Hungary, brings expertise in international business and sustainability public relations to the School of Journalism and Communication.
Sopheakpanha Sok used her Strategic Communication Master’s capstone project to help women report sexual harassment in her native Cambodia.