Communication and Media Studies PhD Program News

Doctoral candidate Nahla Bendefaa began researching how political regimes affect media in different countries after comparing her experiences as a journalist in Morocco to her experiences in the U.S.
Doctoral candidate Ivy Fofie was a successful journalist and PR pro in Ghana. Now she’s fulfilling her dream of becoming a researcher while uncovering women’s unrecognized contributions to media.
Undergraduates majoring in media studies learn how to examine the media’s social, cultural and economic impact from an ethical perspective while gaining research and media production skills.
Prior to moving to Eugene to join the doctoral program at the UO School of Journalism and Communication, Teddy Workneh had no knowledge of Oregon and hardly any about the United States, but he was passionate about the research opportunity.
In this story, Rolling Stone examines a radical evangelist’s work on college campuses and Whitney Phillips explains the conditions and trends around it.
This spring and summer terms, courses in the SOJC will have new faces at the front of the class when doctoral students take on teaching duties in public relations and communication.
“I help students settle in, not settle down, but settle in,” Senyo Ofori-Parku, SOJC assistant professor, said. “So they feel like they have control over where they want to go.”
In the SOJC’s Esports and Games Research Lab, students explore the psychology, culture, and industry surrounding gaming—including its effectiveness as a learning tool and its integration into everyday life.
Our 2022 Yearbook spotlights our many successes this year, from students’ hands-on learning projects, to groundbreaking faculty research and staff service awards, to inspiring tales of alumni adventures.
Can virtual reality help solve environmental issues? Can an online chat make it easier to quit smoking? With the help of grants secured through the Center for Science Communication Research, SOJC PhD students tackle these questions and more.