Journalism Master's Program News

SOJC faculty members Seth Lewis, Ed Madison, Donna Davis, and Lisa Peyton are using AI in their work, researching its impact on the field, and teaching students how to use it to prepare for the future.
Brian Bull, a member of the Nez Perce tribe, has spent more than 27 years as a radio journalist for NPR affiliates. Now he’s bringing that expertise to the SOJC as an assistant professor.
The UO School of Journalism and Communication’s journalism program is evolving at its fastest pace ever to prepare students for a field that’s going through big changes.
Sierra McClain ’19 had always been drawn to journalism, so she applied to the one-year Journalism Master’s program. She has already made some impressive progress in her career.
Jackie Gutierrez, MA ’21 (journalism), is the founder of Women Kick Balls, an independent media company focused on authentic storytelling centered around women’s soccer.
Bart Brewer, a student in the Journalism Master’s program, took J-508 Visual Studies Journalism during the summer term expecting an easy refresher course. He shares why it was so much better.
As her culminating project for her Journalism Master's degree, Yordanos Tesfazion ’22 created the "Diaspora Rejects" podcast that hosted healing conversations about generational trauma and overcoming cultural barriers.
For his Journalism Master’s terminal project, Eric Runes ’23 examined the interplay between movie-franchise “fandoms” and the algorithmically driven digital content they produce.
A group of diverse practitioners in journalism assembled to answer the question, “How do we advance journalism for all?”  
Journalism Instructor Charlie Deitz sat down with SOJC student Jillian Gray to share a few tips and tricks he’s learned to make the most of audio storytelling, including podcasts and radio.