Profile picture of Stephen Anti

Stephen Anti

Doctoral Student
Graduate Teaching Fellow
Office: 210: Allen
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Media representation, Health Communication, Media effects, audience perception, construction of social realism


Stephen,  is a celebrated Ghanaian Journalist with decades of experience in broadcasting, public relations and corporate communication in his home country Ghana. He holds an MS in Data Journalism from Columbia University,  New York and an M.A in Journalism Studies from Cardiff University in U.K.

His research interests focus on the role of the media in influencing the perceptions of social risks in the Global South, including analyzing how the Ghanaian and African media frame social issues such as mental health, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child mortality, among many other social problems.

He has worked as a reporter, News Editor and Anchor for two of Ghana’s foremost independent broadcast establishments – Media General Ghana Ltd and Multimedia Ghana Ltd, which among them operate 5 Television channels and 10 radio stations with nationwide coverage. He also worked with the US Department of State as a Media Specialist for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEFAR).

Stephen is convinced that the PhD Communications and Media Studies at SOJC will equip him with the high-level research and problem-solving skills needed to drive the attainment of his goal of becoming a Health Communications Researcher and also to teach and mentor young communications professionals in positively shaping the mental health discourse in Ghana and the Global South.