Faculty and Staff Directory

Ed Madison

Associate Professor
Interim Director, Journalism Master's Program
Affiliated Departments: Education Research and Outreach
Phone: 541-346-9140
Office: 324 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Nick Mahlum

Executive Assistant and Academic Affairs Project Manager
Phone: 541-346-3587
Office: 214C Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Scott Maier

Professor Emerit

Gabriela Martínez

Affiliated Departments: Climate Studies, CLLAS, Latin American Studies
Phone: 541-346-1997
Office: 315 Hendricks Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Areas of Media Studies and Journalism

Kelli Matthews

Senior Instructor II
Phone: 541-346-3565
Office: 321 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Tom McDonnell

Professor of Practice
Phone: 541-346-2087
Office: 222 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

John McGrath

Director of Development
Phone: 503-412-3726
Office: 320 White Stag Bldg.
City: Portland

Annie McVay

Graduate Programs Assistant
Phone: 541-346-3394
Office: 219 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Abby Miller

Advising Office Manager
Phone: 541-346-1647
Office: 134 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Dan Miller

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments: Cinema Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-3747
Office: 309B Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Juan-Carlos Molleda

Edwin L. Artzt Dean and Professor
Phone: 541-346-3602
Office: 217A Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Dan Morrison

Professor of Practice
Phone: 541-346-2793
Office: 322 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Deb Morrison

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Phone: 541-346-1797
Office: 215 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Dean Mundy

Associate Professor
Director, Public Relations Program
Phone: 541-346-2079
Office: 232 Allen Hall
City: Eugene

Courtney Munther

Senior Instructor
Phone: 541-346-3550
Office: 321 Allen Hall
City: Eugene