Profile picture of Maxwell Ely

Maxwell Ely

CAIDe Lab Coordinator
Office: 1715 Franklin Blvd., Rm 159
City: Eugene


Maxwell Ely is the lab coordinator for CAIDe Lab. The CAIDe Lab is housed within the Center for Science Communication Research and focuses on the affective and cognitive mechanisms that underlie decision making. Ely is a recent SOJC graduate, receiving his BA in Journalism and Public Relations. Ely is a published author for his research and presented at the 72nd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association in Paris, France. 

His research interests include decision making, deception, negative life events, using language to understand psychological processes, science communication, journalistic AI, and political communication. 


BA in Journalism and Public Relations, University of Oregon


Ely, M., & Markowitz, D. M. (in press). The psychological focus of White House press secretaries during scandal: A case study of the Obama and Trump administrations. Psychology of Language and Communication

Markowitz, D.M., Hancock, J.T., Woodworth, M.T., & Ely, M. (2023). Contextual considerations for deception production and detection in forensic interviews. Frontiers in Psychology. 14, 1-7.